Thursday, July 10, 2014

*Night Sky*

Last night, 7/09/2014, we had the chance to hear from Professor Lombardi in the planetarium and the observatory. In the planetarium he went over the more well-known constellations, including the Big and Small Dippers. He showed us the path of the sun on August 3rd (my birthday) and what the sky would look like that night. We learned that in 13,000 years, the star Vega will have replaced the position of the North Star.

From there we went to the observatory where once the clouds passed, we were able to get a clear look at the moon and its craters.

We also went to the outdoor telescope and recognized Saturn and Mars. We trained the inside telescope on the two planets and were amazed at the perfection of the two. They both looked like little stickers on the end of the lens!

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