Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canoe Skills like a boss

Today after lunch, we went to Woodcock Dam and pulled out our canoes.Everyone was eager to get on the life jackets or PFDs. It was very windy out and some of us had some trouble steering the canoe but thankfully no one flipped their canoe into the lake.


devonshiregang said...

Hey campers, we'd love to read some of your personal blogs. Please take a little time to share your personal thoughts and experiences with us family members who may be wondering IF YOU ARE ALIVE or not!! Looking forward to meeting some of you at Friday lunch. Have a Great Day canoing!

Laura said...

ALL of the blog entries are written by the campers. They choose the photo(s) and write something about the activity. Since all campers participated in all the activities... the authors change from one post to another. I hope the families are enjoying a peek into their world this week! I can assure you that all the campers are alive and well and enjoying the activities. They will be very tired when you see them on Friday... but will have a lifetime of memories!