Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Macro invertebrates and Water Chemistry

Today we went upstream in the Wood Cock dam area. 
Temperature: 20*C
PH: 7.1
Total dissolved solids: 120
Turbidity: 20
Dissolved Oxygen: 13.5
Alkalinity: 126.5
Nitrogen: 0.5
Phosphorus: 0
Pollution Toleration Index: 36.4 (Which is Fair)
Number of Taxa: 9

We found different macro invertebrates than yesterday. We found 3 Water Penny larvae. That's really exciting because the Water Penny Larvae show good signs good water quality.We also 3 Crayfish. We didn't find any yesterday downstream. So it was pretty nifty. 

There was a less abundance of different species. We found 9 different species compared to the 16 from yesterday. The 9 species we found show signs of good water quality because they are sensitive to pollution.
Emily and Mimi

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