Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Owl hike with Professor Mumme

    Last night the Creek Campers joined Allegheny professor, Ron Mumme, on owlsome owl sightings.We started out by walking around campus to see if we could sight some screech owls.  Which we did see and got some great pictures taken by fellow camper Garret. The owls would flee back and forth between the trees and the college buildings. In total we saw five screech owls who were short and fluffy little creatures with wide eyes. After being on campus we then drove to Greendale cemetery to try and locate the Bard owl, unfortunately the Bard owl did not appear and instead everyone was concentrated on the grave yard's spirits.


Orville 1903 said...

Wow, five screech owls. I cannot say whether my college campus lacked owls, or that I simply failed to look. I am confident that if they were truly absent, it was not for lack of rodent prey. Did screech owls screech or hoot? GREAT photos. THANKS.

Laura said...

The family of screech owls was a great find! We got to hear many vocalizations, most of which sound more like a horse's whinny than a screech or hoot.