Monday, June 23, 2014

water chemistry Hannah and Chris McAfee

this morning we went to downstream Woodcock creek. The main things we looked at were water temperature, pH, total dissolved solids, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, nitrogen, and phosphorus. we took 2 samples of water from the creek and did test on them for each category. We also looked at Pollution Tolerance Index and the Number of Taxa. We tested for these by kick netting. Kick netting is when two people hold each side of a net and another person stands in front of the net to kick up sediment from the bottom of the creek to catch micro organisms. We received good results from the majority of our tests. We got a lot cool looking micro organisms as seen below 


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Orville 1903 said...

Thanks for your blog post and all of the great photos. It looks like a extraordinary combination of fun excuses to wade in a creek on a sunny early Summer day and learn about important water quality parameters. We look forward to your next blog posts and photos.