Thursday, June 26, 2014

PA Fish and Boat Commission Hatchery

Today we traveled to the PA  Fish & Boat Commission fish hatchery in  Linesville.
The hatchery was a big facility with huge tanks of various types of fish, for example there were  walleye,  brown  trout,  bluegill and three species of catfish.  Although  many species can be found in these tanks, only walleye, muskellunge, channel catfish and several other species are bred. In early spring, fish are trapnetted in the 2,500 acre PA Fish & Boat Commission sanctuary that flows into Pymatuning reservoir. The fish are bred by mixing the eggs from female specimens and the sperm from male specimens.  Both fish frye and fingerlings are then stocked after being raised in holding tanks.

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Orville 1903 said...

If fish could write science fiction (ichthyofiction?) it would look like this blueish tank (in what direction do they endlessly circle, and which fish decides?). Even for humans it looks like an incredibly interesting place. Nearly as much fun as the water fight in canoes. Thanks again for posting the photos and blog vignettes. We are very sorry to miss the creeker presentations Friday, but look forward to seeing Nicolai later tomorrow, and perhaps a future visit from his fellow creekers to our Nation's capital sometime.