Monday, July 11, 2016

Camp Intro//Geocaching

On the first day here we were settled into Allegheny with welcoming hands and open hearts. The counselors were very helpful and it was easy to settle in. Even though the camp is named creek camp, other things were put into play to get to know other people and the college campus. Once settled we were introduced to the college with a game similar to a scavenger hunt, geocaching. We got GPS's after we were split into two teams. The objective of the game was to follow a set of coordinates to find plastic containers with different coordinates which lead to other coordinates. Along with us we had one counselors and two gator guides who followed us relying on us to find our way to the next spot. On the way we learned two stories that have happened in certain locations. One was that a president, President McKinley, put a cow on the top of the roof as a joke at the Bentley building. Also another story told was about the kissing bridge; the myth was that if a freshman girl was kissed by a upperclassman boy, was off limits to her freshman class boys. Geocaching was a great way to get use to the campus and bond with the other campers as a group.

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