Tuesday, July 12, 2016

French Creek

     Today us Creek Campers visited French Lake for the first time. While at French Creek, we had a Phyla Hunt where we broke into two teams looking for macro-invertebrates. Team 1 consisted of Milo, Abby, Aaliyah, and Jasmine. Team 2 consisted of Nyjah, Bella, Stephanie, and Kara. As a team, the macro-invertebrates we found needed to find were freshwater sponge, freshwater jellyfish (hydra), planaria, roundworms, leeches, freshwater mussels, freshwater snail, zebra mussel, crayfish, a spider, hellgrammite, case building caddisfly, water penny, giant water bug, water scorpion, a snake or turtle, a frog or toad, or something unusual the counselors can't think of. Points were awarded for each macro-invertebrate found. Team 1 finished the day with 40 points while Team 2 ended with 90.5 points.

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