Friday, July 1, 2016

Herp hunting with April Claus at Bousson.

After a fun afternoon at French Creek, April took the gang down to Bousson. Bousson is an off-campus research area for Allegheny. April was very excited to catch some salamanders, newts and frogs, or maybe even turtles. We noted 11 different species just in this area. I can see why it's a good research facility! My favorite species was the slimy salamander. They have beautiful white spots on jet black skin. We found every species under rocks, rotting logs, and in research ponds. there was a river where we found some two lines, red backs, mountain duskies, and much more! I was very happy to see how  slimy life and diversity was in such a small area. April was a huge help identifying all of the species and her excitement to seeing all of them was funny. I had a great time with the slimy little guys.


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