Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fish Research

Today we went upstream to a different part of the French Creek than we were at on Tuesday. We accompanied Casey Bradshaw Wilson and our presenter Sam from the science lab.

We used a large net and our feet to catch and identify fish. Our goal was to make sure there were little to no invasive goby fish found in that area of the creek. Luckily, we did not find any gobies in the creek, meaning that the creek is safe from invasive species for the moment.

Later we went exploring along the banks and snorkeling to see the many species of rare, freshwater mussels that lived in the creek. How fun!


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Unknown said...

Glad to hear the creek is healthy and there is a natural balance of wildlife! I’m so enthralled and amazed by all that your group is doing. The pictures and blog have been the highlight of our days this week! Can’t wait to see it all come together at the lunch tomorrow!