Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Silent Beauties

Hey there, people of Earth! My name is Lena! 😀

Yesterday evening, we went to see some owls lead by bird specialist, Ron Mumme. He knew so much about birds and owls alike (and he has the coolest last name ever).

Our first stop on our hunt for owls was Ron Mumme's backyard to look for Barred Owls. He played the Barred Owl's call on a radio and halfway through the CD, among the pine trees and the sounds of other birds, we saw an owl swoop by over our heads and land on the branch of a pine tree. Owls are one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. Despite seeing picture of owls on the Internet and watching Harry Potter over and over again, owls are a much better sight in real life.

(photo credits: Bella, one of our counselors)

As the evening went on, we were determined to find more owls Dr. Mumme talked about. He told us about Screech Owls and the Grey Horned Owl. We went to a cemetery to try to find these owls. However, we did not see the last two owls. While we were trying to find the Grey Horned Owl, we saw a bird called a Merlin.

The Merlin is not a common bird around our camp, and I've never seen this type of bird before, so it made up for the owls we didn't get to see.

Despite only seeing one owl, it was still a wonderful experience. Owls are indeed one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen and if you get the opportunity to go looking for owls, you totally should.

That's it for me now.
Bye! 😀


Unknown said...

Barred owl call: "Who cooks for you!!! Who cooks for you alllll!" How wonderful. Beautiful birds!

Unknown said...

So cool.

Unknown said...

Sounds like an awesome experience! I love owls as well and have had the good fortune to see several barred owls as well as a great horned owl on vacation in Florida this year. Definitely some great memories!