Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sea of Trees

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This afternoon, we went on a hike to even out the sore arms from our morning canoeing. Today we met Mark Lewis, who is a PA State Forester. He took us on a hike on a trail that was behind the cemetery we went too for owl searching. This trail was called the Greendale Cemetery and it was a ravine that was deep behind the cemetery.
(photo credits: I don't know)

Mr. Lewis led us to some pretty awesome trees and talked about each tree, which was very interesting to hear about. He talked about the White Ash tree and how it's being affected by a bug called an Emerald Ash Borer. These bugs end up eating the inside of the tree, making it hollow until it suffocates. Mr. Lewis also told us that there are ways to prevent this bug from eating the tree, but the procedure is costly, which is very sad, because the tree is absolutely beautiful.

(photo credits: someone)

We then walked a couple ways more, trying not to trip over rocks and sticks (although Ashlyn totally failed at that), we then saw an Eastern Hemlock, Pennsylvania's state tree.

(photo credits: a human)

We also saw a tree that recently fell over down a hill. We were able to see how hollow the inside of the tree was because of all the bugs that ate inside of it.
(photo credits: Counselor Brian, I think)

Our experience down on this ravine-trail was very beautiful and I wish I could tell you more about our hike, but there is other stuff to read on our blog. πŸ˜‚

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