Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Canoe Training

This morning after breakfast we had to go out and learn about safety and how to use a canoe. We learned about different types of lifejackets, how to use the oars, the roles of each person in the canoe, and how to get into them. This was all in preparation of our canoeing trip tomorrow. After a little messing around and switching seats we figured out how to operate the canoe. We brought them back to the shore and after they were on the rack again we went on a walk to the other side of the dam. There was a little marshland that we stopped at for a while to look in, and it was really cool! There was a lot of little turtles swimming around in the water, and we also saw a big snapping turtle that the little ones kept catching rides on. There was also a lot of tiny spring peepers that we saw hopping around the trail we walked on.

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