Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Man with Big Mussels

Today, it was too rainy to do pretty much anything! Our canoe trip was squashed due to too much water, so we pretty much stayed inside. We went to the fish hatchery first, which was cool. They had two massive catfishes, and the perch were mesmerized by my finger. (Imagine a snake-tamer, just with fish. Turban and everything.) Afterwards, we went to a Game Commission Nature Learning Center. It was filled with cool exhibits, and I got to see a stuffed Ring-Necked Kingfisher, which we had just seen on the drive over! After that, we went back to North Village for lunch and hung out. Later, we went to the building where we met Batman, to meet the Mussel-builder. He talked all about freshwater mussels, problems they face, and a particular problem from within their own ranks: the zebra mussel. We spent hours and hours talking about watersheds and lakes and glaciers and... and... Anyway, it was cool.

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