Tuesday, June 25, 2013

French Creek

We went to the French Creek around 2 today and messed around in the water trying to find things. We got down into the river with a bunch of different nets and our buckets to keep things in and flipped over rocks, dragged them through plants, and chased fish. There were a ton of snails that you could get when you just swept a net through the plants, and there were also a lot of crayfish that we caught, but the fish were very hard to get. There were also a lot of mussels but most of the ones that we found were dead. Some of the fish were really fast and impossible to catch but some of them liked to hide under rocks and those were a little easier to catch. Right near the end I caught this one kind of fish that I had been trying to catch almost the whole time, and im glad that I did because it was a lot cooler than how it had seemed in the water. It had a bright blue underbelly and reddish orande spots on its sides, but in the water it looked like it had a big tail that had white on the outside of it. After showing everybody we packed up and came back to the international house.

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Gator Creeker said...

That fish sounds really interesting-I hope you had a chance to find out what kind it was!