Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canoeing, it takes skill!

       We did it! The activity that all the campers where waiting for was canoeing and today we got to put our skills into practice. This morning we drove to the dam and met up with Chad Foster. He gave us instructions on how to properly use a canoe, but first we had to learn the safety, such as life vest. This was very interesting because he showed us the 4 different types of life vest that there were and I didn't know that i just thought that there was only one type of life vest. For canoeing we use the type 3, which was a comfortable as far as life vest go. Then we learned how to know which paddle was the right one for us. Mr.Foster said that it could be anywhere in the range between our shoulders and our nose, but I like to think of it as our counselor Will told me, "If it look this a mustache it's a good size." After we had our life vest and our paddles, we where ready to get our canoes and go down to the water to start canoe. To be honest I though that carrying a canoe was easy, but I was wrong, it was a little bit heavy and neither my partner or I were strong so it was kind of difficult. The we slowly go into the canoe by following the instruction we were given and we started to paddle. 
     Well paddling was not hard, but the hardest thing was to keep the canoe to go straight. Our canoe would always go too much to the right or too much to the left. but overall it was fun and it was similar to a kayak. We are all hoping it stops raining because there are flood all over the Pittsburgh state and we really want to go out into the river and canoe in French Creek. Let cross our fingers and hope it doesn't rain anymore and it  there is a nice sunny day tomorrow!wwwwwww

Here we are listening to Chad Foster give us instructions. 

Nos this is us with our life vest and we are learning about the paddles!

Putting the canoes in the water!

Finally in the water!
Let's hope we are able to put are new skills into practice tomorrow! 

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