Thursday, July 11, 2013

Herp Hunt!

    Today we went HERP HUNTING! What? Yeah that is the same thing that I said.What is herp hunting, well herp means crawling creators in greek. Before we went to look for crawling creatures we had a small presentation from a herpetologist, she studies reptiles and amphibians and she was nice enough to share her knowledge with us. We learned a few types of salamanders, snakes and frogs that we might encounter during our trip to the woods. After she talked to us we also had the opportunity to touch her snakes and turtles and feed them which was pretty cool. 
   Then we finally went to the woods and looked for little salamanders and frogs along the woods. This was really fun! This was the first time that I did this and I didn't know it was that simple to find salamanders. You just have to carefully look under a rock or long near a stream. Okay, well it's not that simple, you have to be in the right place but that is the general idea of it. 

Heather feeding a turtle!

Northern Red Salamander

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