Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lucky Owls

     The day came! We were supposed to go to looking for owls on Monday night and we were all very disappointed in not going because we were all very excited, but believe me the waiting was worth it! Today we finally went looking for owls and we were really lucky! Laura told us that the camp session from last week had a lot of trouble looking for owls and let me let you how lucky we were. So we went in our creek van to drove around the Allegheny neighborhood and stopped in front of a house surrounded by the woods, we got out of the van, we turn on the recorded turn on the owl song that imitated their sound and in less then 10 seconds we found an owl! It was really excited, but the poor owl was being chased my the robins that didn't like him, poor thing. After that we went by the bridge in campus and we found 3 owls in less than 30 seconds! It was incredible! 

That is us looking for owls

The first owl that we saw :O

The second owl that we saw by the Allegheny bridge


Jason A. said...

Love these pictures! How did you find the recorded owl song?

Unknown said...

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