Monday, July 8, 2013

Giant Sandbox and Geology Fun!!!

So today's geology activity was supaaaaa fun! We got to go into the basement of the geology building and interact with a stream table (aka, the most awesome sandbox ever). Despite all of our goofing off, we actually learned a lot about how a stream flows in nature. We then labeled and identified many properties of a stream. We identified where erosion was present in the stream, where noticeable terraces were located, and where meanders or bends in the stream could be found. Of course there was time for fun too! We all built a pretty sturdy dam, and by sturdy I mean it lasted for MORE than three minuets. The sand throwing was also real nice, and plenty of dirty shirts came out of that. Dan and I even successfully built a waterfall, not the prettiest one might I add, but still impressive. After all the stream table fun, we were able to look at a seismometer, which Sam so kindly showed us! It was really cool to actually see how a seismometer tracks disturbances on the earth. Overall it was a great activity and a great day! I can't wait until tomorrow!

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