Monday, July 10, 2017

Geocaching and Camp Intro

As one of the first people here it was very exciting to see all 6 of my fellow campers arrive. After everyone was settled we started to do some basic icebreaker games such as throwing a ball around and if it was to you then you had to say a strange fact about yourself. After that we then had a interesting game of ultimate frisbee three vs. three all faced off with the counselors and campers. Joey "The Friendly Canadian" Pastorius popped out one of Brian's glass lenses (a counselor from RMU) while playing by accident. After the smashing game, we then moved over to other icebreaker games.

Following dinner, we moved onto geocaching to learn about the college campus. The race was on between the girls and guys. Both sides wanted to win desperately...overly friendly bets were made. Not necessarily about the geocaching. The guy team was a little sidetracked due to those bets and laughing extremely hard. Throughout the tour the guys' team made friends with students on campus. Namely everyone they passed they talked to. Meanwhile, the girls' team flew in speed as they quickly ran through the course. While they won by at least 20 minutes, the guys' team got something greater. Very humorous and extremely memorable experiences.

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