Thursday, July 13, 2017

Slithering into the North Village and The Hunt for the Red Spotted Newt

We went on a hunt for as many types of snakes, newts, and salamanders as we could. We traveled out to Bousson Environmental Research Reserve. We herped and found and took pictures of several snakes and an abundant amount of salamanders and newts.

Following that we then traveled back to the North Village and heard a presentation from April Claus a herpetologist that helped to teach us about the state newts, salamanders, and snakes and some of their interesting hiss-tory and mistaken myths. We all held a corn snake, garter snake, milk snake, black rat snake and Box Turtle.  Additionally, we saw a garter snake and the Box Turtle being fed. We also helped some people with ophiophobia to get over their fear.
 To reinforce the species identification, we then had a team review game. It was a great experience for both snake lovers and non-snake lovers.

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