Thursday, July 13, 2017

Salamander Sweet Spot

We arrived Bousson Preserve, a beautiful place that's great for finding salamanders, after our picnic lunch. The first place we checked for salamanders was under two telephone poles. There was one salamander under each telephone pole. In only a few minutes of searching we had already found two salamanders! We crossed a slippery bridge and began flipping rocks to find several salamanders. Next, we walked on a grassy path between small ponds and found two species of snakes and two species of frogs.

We headed to a stream with lots of salamanders. They were under the mossy rock and under logs on the ground. There were even larval salamanders in the stream. We had so much fun finding these amphibians! Up the hill we searched in the leaf litter and under logs and branches and found even more salamanders and red efts.

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