Monday, July 9, 2018

Woodcock Dam

Today, we went to the Woodcock Dam that we saw with Joe and his friend Emily.  We learned about how the dam worked and the three most important properties of the dam.
1. Flood control
2. Low Flow Augmentation
3. Recreation

We also learned about the gates that they use.  They're three gates the bigger one which is 4x8 at the bottom of the lake.  The other two are 3x3 located at middle and the top. The gates are used to catch water. In front of the dam there is two orange balls. There is a wire that is used to take the temperature of the lake every 15 minutes.



Pastor Mandy said...

You guys sure pack a lot into a day! Have fun!

Unknown said...


Dawn C. said...

Way to go, Ash! From the pictures, it looks like you and the rest of the campers are having a wonderful time.