Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After the rain stopped and the sun started to dry the land, the creekers emerged from North Village. We drove to the Woodcock lake and were instructed by the PA Fish and Boat Comission Guy, who was very helpful and assisted us so we could be ready for tomorrows be adventure!!!! We learned about life jackets and oars, and how to load and unload the canoes. But getting to the fun part. We entered the water and we were off!!! paddling and stearing and learning the ropes and brushing up on our skills. Some excelled greatly and others fell behind. They struggled to fight the mini waves created by the strong winds comming across the water. We went out to the mini island and waited for the "turtles" to catch up. We also posed for some pictures, and splashed each other with the freezing water. But after the build up of the lactic acid in our biceps and triceps we called it a day and loaded the truck and off we went. Peace Ooouuutt Girl scouts


Terri said...

The canoeing sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I hope the weather is better for you all tomorrow.

Will said...

Have fun canoeing!!!

Dan Snyder said...

Canoeing in the wind can be a very difficult activity, even for experienced recreationalists! I think that everyone did a great job and I hope that everyone took something positive from this activity!