Monday, July 20, 2009


Our first activity on Sunday after our first meal on campus was GPS. That is Global Positioning System, for all you not-so-up-to-date-in-the-technology-field-readers. First we had to locate satellites so we could learn all about the device and get on with our hunt. We had some difficulties at first but they were soon solved once we were broken up into groups and given our first positions. We were off!!! A race against time and our fellow campers. Who could get to our designated positions find the next clue and in the end find our prise. We had to navigate through the campus on a not so formal tour and try to crack the code. It took skill, determination, eagle eyes, and some pretty comfy shoes. Zach's/Jill's group came in first and found their prize, aka our cool Allegheny drawstring, fieldbook, which had everything we needed to be a great camper. all in all it was a fun way to see the beauty of the campus and get some good old fashion exercise. "now i gotta goo WARSHH the cow smell off of me!"

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Diane said...

We've only used GPS with finding our way by car. It must have been an interesting experience to find your way around on foot - like a real treasure hunt.