Thursday, July 23, 2009

During the Storms

Last night we spent some time "winding down". To begin with, we set up a game of dodgeball. It turned out to be more fun than I had expected even though we only played for a minute or two. Then we went to go get ice cream at Casey's. This was an interesting experience because about the time we got to the ice cream place it started to storm. We ordered and ate our ice cream before leaving in the van again. We found out rather hysterically that the way to get somewhere around fifteen people into a van really quickly, is to have lighting flashing in the background. As it turned out it took us about a minute and a half to get into the van.
Once we got back to North Village, the dorms where we were staying, we spent a well deserved chill session listening to music, or at least the girls did. This didn't last long though. Soon we started to dance and got a dance party going. It was more fun than I've had in a long time. Most of us enjoyed it greatly, listening to everybody's favorites on the iHome one of the girls brought. One of the campers this week is from Costa Rica and we finally got her to join us and dance. She asked if any of us had salsa music. None of us did so we hijacked our counsellor's computer and found some online. She showed us the salsa and we were all extremely amazed. She was so good at it. We all started to try to copy her. Soon she started to teach us how to do it. We got a regular salsa lesson and then took it upstairs into the dorm hall where we attempted to get the boys to learn too. They were disinclined to aquiest to our request. Oh well, we still had a ton of fun and as a bonus we learned some basic salsa moves.

Unfortunately, we were exhausted this morning but it was worth it. We really did have so much fun and I'm sad that this week it almost over. We've all made such go friends.


Terri said...

Sounds like you all had fun this week. Can't wait to see tomorrow all that you have learned. It seems you have all learned a lot and made some lasting friendships.

Fluffy said...

Creek Camp sounds like so much fun and very educational, too! Where can I sign up for next year?

AngelaWalkerJewelry said...

So glad that you all had a great time... Too bad there isn't a Creek Camp for parents :)

Unknown said...