Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Canoe Trip!

Right after we ate breakfast we headed out for our canoe trip in french creek. We loaded all the canoes onto the canoe trailer and picked up the guest speakers. From there we headed to the Wilson chute where we unloaded the canoes, got our life jackets and oars, and carried our boats down to the shore. We took turns getting across the creek where we picked up our canoes and walked them across a little further down the shore to avoid hitting a tree. Then we canoed a little further down the creek and pulled over to look at mussels but there weren't any there so we took a few minutes to skip some rocks. Then we continued our trip down french creek to an island where we docked our canoes and looks for mussels. A specialist in mussels gave and taught us about them. We went and looked for them and found quite a few. We soon continued on and looked at all the animals like bald eagles, mayflies, ceder waxwings, and belted kingfishers. We played eye spy and watched the birds eat the bugs. We finally reached the end of our amazing canoe trip at Shaw's landing and loaded up our canoes once again.

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