Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Canoeing on Sugar Lake! 

Today, we took a drive down to sugar lake. Chad and Brian helped us navigate the lake via canoe and taught us about the plant life of the lake. Canoes were very fun because I've never maneuvered one before so it  was good to learn about. I thought the lake was very enjoyable.The beautiful lily flowers and the brilliant purple of some land shrubs really popped out against brown murky lake water.We traversed in aluminum and had room for two passengers. First thing we learned was the sides of the vessel; port, starboard, bow, stern. The gunnels were running along the sides. We enjoyed riding around the circumference of the lake and learning about the plant life in the lake, invasive or not. The waters were warm, the canoes were zooming, and I had a great time.  

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