Tuesday, June 28, 2016

what's goin down...stream?

Today, Monday, we took a drive downstream to Woodcock Creek to test out some chemistry kits and catch some "macro-organisms". the chemistry kits were interesting because I have have never taken a chemistry course (but will next school year!) and it was interesting to get a sneak peak of what is to come. I really enjoyed this part of the day because it was an experiment and I enjoyed the experimental hands-on and personal part of these tests. After the chemical-water tests, we grabbed the big yellow nets and walked into the creek. I really enjoyed this part of the day because you can't get more hands-on than this! We were in the water holding the kick
 nets. And after we rustled up the water enough, we pulled the nets out and checked out what was in the mud. To much surprises there were hundreds of organisms! I found this the most interesting procedure of the day because of just how much life there was in what seemed like a calm but pretty much deserted rocky ghost town of a riverbed. My group even found a crayfish which surprised me the most because of how large it was to be hiding in the spots it found. All in all I learned a lot about chemistry and biology and I'm excited for the conclusion of our tests in the upstream section of the river.

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