Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Geocaching Tour

Today was our first day at Creek Camp. In order to view the campus, we went geocaching. Geocaching is a game in which you use coordinate points to locate a cache. Once your find the cache you see what is inside of it before putting it back for others to find. Sometimes, you just find more coordinates, and eventually you are led to your final cache. We learnt how to use a GPS, and in groups of three we set off to find our caches. Accompanying us were four Gator Guides, and as we walked about the campus they told us about the history of the college. For example, Allegheny College's mascot is an alligator because the hell benders that live in the French Creek Watershed were sometimes mistaken for alligators. At our last cache we found Allegheny College bags with some supplies in them. I can't wait to use the headlamps and snorkels!


Unknown said...

Sounds like fun!

Unknown said...

WOW, I am a Gator from the class of 1988 but I didn't know that the College's mascot came from the hell benders in the French Creek. Thanks for lesson, campers!