Thursday, June 30, 2016

Driving Towards Knowledge in our Carr...den

Today right after eating a scrumptious breakfast at McKinleys, we went to the student run garden by the Carr building, the Carrden. At the Carrden Kerstin Martin,  garden manager here at AC, helped us learn about all the types of plants there and about how and why the Carrden  is used and was created. The Carrden sells their produce to the cafeteria’s here at Allegheny College and it is part of what wwe eat for breakfast lunch and dinner While at the carrden we, the creekers, helped to install a new irrigation system by connecting plastic tubes with holes in them to an intake system to which one can attach a hose to get the water to the plants. After making two of these to water the eggplants and tomatoes we moved over to planting different plants. We planted kale and then watered it. We planted two different varieties of kale filling an entire planter. 

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