Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When Creekers Ruled the Earth : Geology and the Stream Table

One Monday afternoon, when nine Creek Campers ruled the earth(for two hours), they spent their time shaping the landscape. At the Augmented Reality Sandbox, the Creekers modeled landforms using a real-time topography program. The system scanned the sandbox and projected a map on the surface that changed as the Creekers moved the sand.

Afterwards they moved on to the Stream Table. They used their hands to create new stream channels and shape the banks. But, as time went on and the water flowed to the sea, the Creekers had a new problem to face, a problem near to their hearts. They had to save Creek Camp! After trying in vain to divert the stream, the Creekers decided to build a dam. Once they successfully built a dam, the next step was to destroy it. By releasing the water in the dam, they caused massive flooding, but creek camp remained standing and would see another day.

AR Sandbox aka Masters of the Universe
Save Creek Camp!

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Patti said...

"Everybody wants to rule the world!" Such a great description, and I am happy to hear that Creek Camp was saved. Good job creek campers!!!