Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Searching For Owls (In Vain)

On Monday evening, we took part in a session of "macabre ornithology". Ignoring the threat of mosquitoes, we entered the local cemetery with Professor Chris Lundberg, who taught us about Pennsylvania's species of owls. To prevent the loss of our night vision, we were using red light, which made the cemetery seem even creepier. Professor Lundberg brought along his stereo and played various recordings of owl calls in an attempt to summon owls (none came unfortunately). Despite never actually seeing an owl, we heard the response of a Barred Owl fledgling and saw multiple bats flying above us. Professor Lundberg occasionally deviated from the established learning topic (owls) and taught us about the different levels of twilight, the positions of Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky, and the geomorphology of the area. Overall, the experience was very intellectually enriching, and worth the mosquito bites.

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