Monday, July 19, 2010

Asia, Awesomeland, Aztec Jokes?

Today's Highlights:
-We learned that Matt hates the band Asia because theyre "terrible." Theres no accounting for bad taste...
-While we were busy learning, Matt and Kelsey were busy constructing Awesomeland, an island of awesome. Despite our efforts it survived the demonstration.
-We went electro fishing, which was shockingly informative (that's for you Nick 4)
-Nick 4's sense of humor was drying up like the dammed creek (no pun intended) and eventually he began to make bad puns about aztecs. Im still laughing Nick.
-Banana Cream Pie is awesome.

Awesomeland in all its glory

1 comment:

ZelieDad said...

I'm with Matt... Couldn't stand Asia when they were new.. still can't!