Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The puns get worse...

Today's Highlights:
-We went on an owl walk, and spotted juvenille owls who were attached at the wing.
-The geocaching adventure took us through some serious jaggers, and one of us took a dip in the creek.
-We went out to watch bats, and as Nick 3 (formerly Nick 4) put it, it drove some of us "batty."
-The pinktown joke made everyone furious.
-Brooke learned some "dam stuff"
-Durring the visit to the Pymatuning spillway, Nick 3 commented on the "Carp"et of fish. We then fed him to the carp. His last words were "I don't wanna sleep with the fishes!"


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Creek Camper said...

Also, not included above,ANY AND ALL bad puns on this blog most likely came from Nick 3.