Monday, July 12, 2010

GPS are very confusing

We had a scavenger hunt all over campus!!! over campus!!! GPS and a set of coordinates were the two things we were given to off of. So are four Group went our separates ways, my group first went to the abstract alligator by an old armory were we got our next set of coordinates. Then next our GPS sent us across the road, then they went crazy. The compass that had told us which way to go where jumping back all over the place South, North, Southwest, East, West. Finally we got to a brigde over a small stream and walkway and saw another team down by the stream. So we made our way down there to find the next set of coordinates, but the bush it was in had nettle by it!! Some of us got stung and scratched all night. The GPS stayed insane the rest of the time we used it. and at the end it wanted us to climb a 10ft wall. I have only conclued that GPSes are very confusing.


Unknown said...

How cool to learn to navigate your way around...and that having the numbers doesn't always lead you to the goal. Totally love the blog. Really enjoying seeing the things that you are doing. Wish I were with you!

ZelieDad said...

Using a GPS to Geocache shows you that sometimes the straightest line doesn't always work!