Monday, July 19, 2010


Okay, so when i uploaded the pictures, they uploaded in the order opposite how it was supposed to be so when viewing the pictures, start from the bottom up. Thanks!

Super quick! GeoCaching is when you get coordinates online and use a GSP to find that specific location to find something, they vary in size but most commonly are ammo boxes and usually you don't know what it is... sound fun? maybe not...but it is! GeoCaching is an international hobby with locations posted online. Some are hidden very cleverly so sometimes you really have to think!
We did a Creek Camp version of a multi-cache, when you have mulitple coordinates to lead you to a single GeoCache, and in the end got some cool Allegheny drawstring bags filled with all sorts of useful things: a mask and snorkel, a towel, and a headlight. I wonder what we're going to need those for...
Group picture, everyone say "Creek Camp!" Relaxing with freezerpops ater a nice hunt, very refreshing
Going GeoCaching...for Tuberware!
I have my what do i do with it?
Finding out what GeoCaching is...interesting... Happy Creeking!

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