Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fresh Water Mussels and the Nature Center

  Today our mussel lesson on French Creek got cancelled due to the weather.  Since, we could not go onto the creek we went to Woodcock Creek Nature Center and met with Brian Pilarcik and had our lesson on fresh water muscles there.  At the center we learned how many fresh water mussels there are and we saw how hard they are to tell apart.  We also learned how pearls are formed!

   While we were at the center we got to look around on our own and we saw a tree cookie that had a ring from when the Declaration of Independence was signed!  A tree cookie is a slice from a cut down tree where you can view all of the rings.  It was labled with major events that happened during the trees life.
My favorite part was probably the bee hive that had a plastic tube that connected to the outside of the building so that the bees could come and go whenever they wanted.


Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken said...

Does the cancellation of the trip to French creek mean you won't be able to visit that creek at all, I imagine? That is too bad, although it sounds like you had a pretty good alternative visit instead.

Laura said...

The campers visited French Creek on Tuesday afternoon... just in case the weather and creek conditions kept us from the creek later in the week.