Monday, July 6, 2015

Water Chemistry and Macros

Starting off the week, we had lots of adventures. Today we went down to the downstream site of Woodcock Creek pretty much right under Woodcock Dam. It was so fun to learn all the ins and outs of water chemistry! Knowing how difficult it was for US, it's certainly insane to imagine to how much work goes into collecting hundreds - thousands - of samples for the real scientists. Definitely not trying to take away the amazing work that we creepy campers did, because we certainly were super stars coming up with stellar results. Our findings showed that our portion of the creek was fantastically healthy, having high levels of oxygen, low temperatures for this time of year, and so on.

Those results were proven from the many many tiny life forms we found next. Taking this big yellow net we went to work. Learning awesome new dance moves was a bonus in our macroinvertebrate search. It was ridiculous just how much life was squirming and wiggling in our nets by the time we got it out of the water. Who knew baby crayfish were so cute?! It was also so interesting to see how many different kinds of flies and fly larva (which isn't as gross as it sounds) there were in the nets. All in all, today was such an incredible adventure, I can only imagine the treats we are in for next!


Dana said...

What an amazing experience this camp is!

Connie said...

I want to take time off from my job and come down to camp! This looks fantastic. Have fun!