Friday, July 10, 2015

tour of the dam

Today for creek camp we went on a tour at woodcock dam .We learned lots of interesting facts at the dam . We learned that the woodcock creek leads to other water sources . The woodcock creek goes to the french creek , which leads into the Allegheny river , then to Ohio river , goes to the Mississippi river . We also learned the jobs of the dam . Some basic reasons what the dam is used for .  One reason the dam is used is because it protects us . When it is raining hard the dam holds the water in the stream so it does not flood . Also when it is too dry lucky there is a river behind the dam , so it will not get to dry for the living species such as fish , and other bugs do not get to dry and die . One more reason that the dam is used for recreation by people such as , boating , fishing , and swimming . We also found at that the dam was made of dirt and concrete .

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