Thursday, July 9, 2015

Introduction to Herp-Life

I once thought I was relatively interested in aquatic life and the creepy crawlers that live in dark places. But I was once again surprised by how incredible and interesting they really were when you're with a trained professional. Mainly because all that time they spend with their water friends they find out all kinds of neat pieces of information we regular people aren't aware of. Her love and passion of them was really well translated when she was talking about her friends, and it was great to see just how much she loved her job. It isn't everyday you find someone as in love with their occupation as April was. She even described how she came to living her dream and finding her path after college. She is very excited to share everything she knows with anyone who will listen; her enthusiasm is very much appreciated. When she brought out all the critters to play I nearly hopped out of my seat. I wasn't sure if I was more scared or excited to examine these beauties. Today was really just quite incredible both inside and outside. It was great to know I could handle a snake getting tangle in my hair... Who knew?

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