Monday, July 6, 2015


One of our first activities after arriving was geocaching, which can be best described as a scavenger hunt using a GPS. Scattered around the campus were several "treasure chests." (containers) By entering the coordinates of the hidden containers into the GPS's, we were able to find out how far we were from them and which direction we should go in order to find. They were also hidden out of sight. Each container held the coordinates of the next one. Some were more difficult to find than others,  but in the end we located all of them and also found bags containing all the things we'll need for this week. We celebrated with cold freezy pops!
- Soren

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Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken said...

Dear Soren and other creek campers,

so nice to hear your voices on the blog for the first time! It sounds as if you all have definitely appreciated the kick off activities on Sun night and the first full day. The camp program is so diverse and interesting!

I personally have never done geocaching in my life -- it sounds like a fun updated version of a treasure hunt.

I hope the group is jelling nicely. Have a terrific week with much learning and much fun!

Tosca (Soren's mom)