Friday, July 10, 2015

Stream Table

           Today we visited the Alden building and saw the stream table. A stream table looks like a big tub filled with sand. At one end was a water tap and over time it creates a miniature creek. We got to fiddle with the water volume and add dams. It was very interesting to watch the erosion and deposition in action. The other sand table that was in Alden was a virtual topographic map. It looked just like a topographical map but the sensor could detect the height of the sand and changed when the sand moved too. When you put your hand under the sensor it simulated rainfall on the map. Apparently there are only 50 like them in the US. I thought the building was very interesting and the professor did a really good job explaining the stream table and parts of a stream.


Dana said...

This would be so interesting to get to try! Years ago, my kids did something like this, but on a much smaller scale, using a large plastic bin and some kind of white powdery stuff that I had to buy at a pool supply store (Rebecca, do you remember that?). But getting to try all kinds of things on a large table like you did would be so fun! Ask Ms. Laura when she's going to do a Creek Camp for adults, please. :-)

Laura said...

Ms. Dana... we DID host a Family Creek Camp a few years ago. Adults, families, and children with an adult(s) were all invited to attend.