Thursday, July 9, 2015

Terrestrial insects

My name is Aaron wade . Today i learned about insects with Beth . We also went on a interesting insect hunt . The hunt was in front of Carr hall . We stayed in front of the building for about the first 20 mins . We had a list of what type of bugs to look for . we were looking for bugs that had 2 wings , 3 wings , and shells . They were just examples . To be direct we were looking for beetles and dragonflies and different bugs like that . Then we went to the garden , a little away from Carr hall . I found way more bugs up there . we checked off everything on our list what we seen . whoever found the most bugs at the end won a prize. Everyone got a sticker to put ob there bottles . I did not really enjoy it in the begin because i could not find any bugs . When we went to the garden that is when i started to enjoy myself . After the hunt everybody got a sticker and we left !

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