Wednesday, July 8, 2015


    On Tuesday night we went looking for bats and had a bat presentation by Terry Lobdell.  I personally had never seen a bat close up but I really enjoyed looking at them.  Terry built a bat house at Woodcock Creek Nature Center that is mounted on a pole and can be lowered for viewing purposes.  Once the house is lowered you can open the front to look inside at the house that is protected by a plastic screen.  To our surprise there was actually a bat inside!  It was decided that it was most likely a male Little Brown Bat since it was all by itself.  After the pups are born the male bats house separately from the females and pups.

      While we were at the center we got to shine a flash light into the box and see the bats inside.  I even got to see one yawn.  The bats yawn and groom themselves just like dogs or cats.  It was estimated that there was about twenty bats inside the bat house.

      A fact that I thought was interesting about the pups is that they are born without hair or teeth!  Overall I had a wonderful experience.


Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken said...

When you described how bats groom themselves like dogs and cats, I was able to visualize that exactly and it made bats come to life more. What an inventive construction, this bat house!

Too bad 3 out of the 5 days are over by now, isn't it?

Dana said...

What an ingenious design to be able to bring the bat house down so it can be checked. You've now been closer to a bat that nearly everyone else in the world....that's cool!

Unknown said...

What an interesting experience. I would normally be scared of bats. :)