Monday, July 6, 2015

Team Building

        On Sunday night after all of the campers got settled into the apartments, we participated in some activities and games that were planned to introduce ourselves.  We only got to have name tags for one day, so it was very important to learn each other's names.
        First, we all went around in a circle and did the common activity of saying our name, the school we go to, and one thing we really wanted to do here.  Most people said the part of camp that they were most interested in was canoeing.
        Then, we all played pulse.  Pulse is a very challenging game of constant tapping which is way harder than it sounds!  It was a game all about speed and reaction time.
         By the end of the night we were all introduced and we all felt more comfortable being around each other.


Dana said...

Wow, what an awesome group of curious & adventurous people! Wouldn't it be amazing to get together again in 10 years and see where your paths have taken you?

Unknown said...

I enjoy being able to see what you are doing. It all looks like fun & very interesting. Glad you had the opportunity to attend!

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken said...

I agree with Dana -- would't it be super interesting to see in 10 years where you all ended up?

Laura said...

We'd love to see you in 10 years!!