Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birds Rehab at Tamarack(15/07/08)

After the chemistry tests above the dam in Woodcock Creek, we went to a little bird rehabilitation house. First we met Carol Holmgren, the director of a program that has the purpose of healing and rehabilitating birds. She showed us some interested birds such as an owl, a falcon and a bold eagle... All these birds were injured before they came to this refuge. In here they get medical attention, food and all the cares they could need. After watching the birds she took us to a cabin, she had a little project for us: fixing the place. Some of us used a wheel barrow to take sand into some holes, others used the shovels to spread dirt on the floor while others put soil into some holes and finally some were cleaning the place. This was our visit to the Tamarack rehabilitation house. It was a nice activity in wich we all worked hard and help in this im portant project for our environment.


buzzbizz said...

I guess a little hard work never hurt anyone. Could you touch the birds?

Creeker said...

No we were not allowed to touch the birds. They rehabilitate wild birds, so in order to release them back into the wild, they try to have as least human contact as they can, so they remain wild. There were some birds that are permanent residents and are used for educational programs since they are unable to be released into the wild due to their injuries, but they are still likely to bite and can only be handled by people with lots of expereince. We were able to get pretty close to birds that we normally wouldn't be able to such as the bald eagle.