Friday, July 18, 2008

Hellbender creek

After touring the farms Erik ( the muscle man) came to talk to us about local watersheds and the effect they had on the environment. After we listened to him, April Claus, a local herpetologist came and talked about the local reptiles and anphibians. She brought in many reptiles and even let us hold some, there were different species of snakes, salamanders, and turtles. Afterwards we went to French Creek to look for Hellbenders, and freshwater muscles. Even though we did not find any hellbenders we did find some muscles and had a blast in the process. when we were done playing in the creek we dried off and went searching for salamanders and other anphibians in Bousson. We found many different species there, at least seven. When we were finished looking for salamanders, we tried to call for owls but to no prevail. This was our last day at creek camp and it was a nice way to end things.

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RiverQuest Education said...

Who knew there were "muscles" in the creek!

Wish you all were coming to Pittsburgh for week 2 of the Bayer Climate Fellows Sustainability Camp combination.

The students had a wonderful time in Meadville.