Monday, July 21, 2008

Bird Rehabilation

Good Evening,

This afternoon, after a delicious lunch, we met Carol Holmgren of the Tamarack rehab facility. She graciously showed several of the residents, including two drastically differently sized owls as well as a Peregrine falcon. Two of the birds began to get hot and therefore began to pant, who knew? Besides viewing the permanent residents, who cannot be released into the wild, we saw many other birds who were in the midst of their rehabilitation.

Some of the visitors included geese as well as a duck who, together, had formed a family of sorts. There were other birds as well, who were kept in large enclosed spaces called mews, where they were able to fly around. The highlight was most definatly the two bald eagles who some helped by finishing repairing the floor of their enclosure. Others chose to clean out the living quarters of the permanent residents, some had to do so with the bird keeping a very close eye on them. No problem, we all left the facility in one piece.


bella said...

How old were the eagles?

Grandma Judy said...

Wow! that sounds awesome. I bet the teens really loved the birds. What treat!
Grandma Judy

Memo said...

I thought we had finished all the work in there.. but it seems we didnt.. :)

SV22 said...

It's nice to read about what all of you have been doing. Does Carol take "common" birds too, such as robins and sparrows, that are injured?

laura said...

Tamarack Rehabilitation Center has a raptor specialist so most of the birds are eagles, hawks, owls, etc. They also take in reptiles, opossums, and bats. You can read about their center at The people there were REALLY appreciative of our help!!
... The young eagle is 4 years old. They're not sure of the age of the older one. Both eagles are females.