Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Electroshocking fish


Today we went on the woodcock creek to go on a electroshocking expedition. Due to the rain the night before the water was quite muddy so it was a little difficult to see all the fish when they would float past you. Even though conditions were not perfect we did manage to get some different species of fish such as log perch, hog nose suckers, creek chub and black nose dace. In some of the deeper pools of the stream we had some bigger fish float up like small mouth and one trout but still after they get shocked the fish are still challenging to scoop them up.


Memo said...
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Memo said...

it seems someone is teching you some Spanish vocabulary!! :)
you also had a little problem catching fish cuz the ´´turbidity´´ of the water

SV22 said...

Bet all of you could have done that all day...nice "cool" activity on a hot humid day.